Friday, June 10: Modern Makers—Pattern Logic

This Friday night, come check out viDEO sAVant—PATTERN LOGIC, an event that features live video/live music collaboration from a great group of artists, and a wall treatment created by yours truly. Hosted by Modern Makers. Hope to see you there! 

Event details:

ViDEO sAVant—Pattern Logic—Live Cinema
Friday, June 10, 8:30—10:30pm
3501 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Map to event:

viDEO sAVant makes live cinema—collaborative audio/visual improvisation with music and images responding to each other in real time. Rather than the traditionally static relationship between screen, film and audience, ViDEO sAVant engages with the built environment of the performance space through the use of multiple projections, and by dynamically moving those projections within the space.

Matt Coors—wall treatment
Eddy Kwon—strings
Ofir Klemperer—live electronics
Zach Larabee—percussion
Sayak Shome—live image mix
Charles Woodman—live image mix